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The Cherub Lockdown Special!

30 June 2020

It may just be another week of lockdown, but boy have we got a show for you along with another exclusive track from Angry Daddios (we know them). So get ready for nine songs from China Shop Bull, Indonesian Junk, Idolizers, Not My Good Arm, Buzzcocks, Model Workers, Van Dammes, Almost DEAD Men and Angry Daddios.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Gummi Bears, 10 5, last week, Tony was working on the new Angry Daddios track, Tony's arm is knackered, bad backs and good bras, PBETV, problem plumbers, lodgers, From the Vaults, no gigs!, donations, album sales, this week, Chiro for Tony, work, The Dukes Arms, PBETV, Forest v Derby, pubs opening, Izzatwat, flags, Bongs of Praise theme tune and we remind you of ways you can listen.

Song 1: China Shop Bull - Enlighten
Song 2: Indonesian Junk – C’mon And Love Me
Song 3: Idolizers – Stranded (Again)
Song 4: Not My Good Arm – Dog Therapy
Song 5: Buzzcocks - Useless
Song 6: Model Workers – Borderline Baby
Song 7: Van Dammes – Tax Free World
Song 8: Almost DEAD Men – Queen Of The Bar
Song 9: Angry Daddios – Bongs Of Praise

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