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The Lockdown 'n' Roll Star Special!

21 July 2020

We are slowly coming out of lockdown, the pubs are open and next week will be our 15th birthday! So whilst we prepare the birthday celebrations lets stick on 9 great songs from Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, Angerland, False Cause, Nikki Hill, Buzzcocks, Total Rejects, Hi-End, Volcanova and Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent.

Comedy Suburbs, it's our birthday next week!, show 777 is coming too, Tony has your Facebook comments, poor choice of song to sing, Uglyshoes, Florida, Glen, Kitten Blood, last week, Bongs of Praise instrumental, Tony needs a holiday, PBETV, Nottingham Forest, From the Vaults, gigs, donations, this week, work, Dukes Arms, Planet Claire, Nutty Nottingham tours, things are getting busier, no twat this week, birthday twats??, 15 years and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Jiggly Jello
Song 2: Angerland – Comedy Of Hate
Song 3: False Cause - This Flag
Song 4: Nikki Hill - Holler Out Loud
Song 5: Buzzcocks – Boredom
Song 6: Total Rejects – Gonna Get You
Song 7: Hi-End – Perfect Company
Song 8: Volcanova – I’m Off
Song 9: Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent – Danger City

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