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The 15th Birthday Special!

28 July 2020

15 years ago this week saw Punky come screaming into the world, covered head to tow with hopes and dreams. Those hopes and dreams may have died way before the lockdown even begun, but Punky refuses to die, the main reason is that we have great tracks and we celebrate by playing 9 of them! So get ready for 9 top tunes from I Got Spiders, Apocalybse Babys, Angry Daddios, Justine And The Unclean, Pornscars, Nikki Hill, Green / Blue, Tasteless and Marianne Toilet And The Runs.

Summer special, Show 776, Comedy Suburbs, Angry Daddios, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Timo, last week, hearing problems, eye sight problems!, Nottingham Forest, The Dukes Arms, PBETV, From the Vaults, Pornscars, no gigs, donations, this week, the usual, Wetherspoons, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: I Got Spiders – Home Of The Depraved
Song 2: Apocalybse Babys - Psychotherapy
Song 3: Angry Daddios – Pay For That Lighter
Song 4: Justine And The Unclean – Picking a Fight
Song 5: Pornscars – The Ballad Of Abe Sada
Song 6: Nikki Hill – Don’t Be The Sucker
Song 7: Green / Blue – No Place To Go
Song 8: Tasteless – The Imposter
Song 9: Marianne Toilet And The Runs - Tourettes

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