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The In Jokes Special!

18 August 2020

First wave, second wave, it all pales into significance with the upcoming Apocalypse... Baby you'd better beware! However, informed is forewarned so before you pop out to get the bunker built, we suggest you digest these great songs from Martin Savage & The Jiggerz, Hex Poseur, Burnt Tapes, Thee Dirty Rats, Hot Fetish Divas, Saturday’s Heroes, Reverse, Rocket and Knife Club.

Access to Facebook pages, additional material, in jokes, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Jen Glen, face masks, regret punk, last week, Tony's ear, wax removal, Nutty Nottingham tour, The Lion, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, streaming, se for Sweden, this week, new car, online course, PBETV, Edinburgh Fringe, Izzatwat and we discuss our plans for the upcoming apocalypse.

Song 1: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz – Between The Lines
Song 2: Hex Poseur - Quiet
Song 3: Burnt Tapes - Getitgotitgood
Song 4: Thee Dirty Rats – Oh Oh
Song 5: Hot Fetish Divas – No One
Song 6: Saturday’s Heroes – Seven Seas
Song 7: Reverse – Empty Spaces
Song 8: Rocket – Losing Breath
Song 9: Knife Club - Artex

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