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The Save Your Swears Special!

22 September 2020

The Bogalars Return! Need we say more? If that isn't enough for you then don't worry there is a total of nine super tracks this week from the likes of The Sewer Rats, Talulah Gosh, Delmonas, Moron’s Morons, The Antidon’ts, The Short Fuses, Skeletal Family, Darling Buds and Good Time Aussie Bogalars.

Comedy Suburbs, twin terror, Cherry Red - Make More Noise, Tony has your Facebook comment, Timo, translated city names, British Empire, last week, Tony has worked on his new cover, Tony talks about his hospital appointment, Nutty Nottingham Tour, Online Snap, Facebook events, From the Vaults, donations, Punky Facemasks, this week, Tony's working, Paul's new laptop, tour, masks, welcome back Fat Boy, Flexi discs, Izzatwat, The Boys, Karl Urban's accent, voting, TTN, Good Time Aussie Bogalars and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: The Sewer Rats – My Baby Is At Groezrock (And I Am Not)
Song 2: Talulah Gosh – Don’t Go Away
Song 3: The Delmonas – Comin’ Home Baby
Song 4: Moron’s Morons – Sidewalk Service
Song 5: The Antidon’ts - PMA
Song 6: The Short Fuses – The Pink
Song 7: Skeletal Family – Burning Oil
Song 8: Darling Buds – Spin
Song 9: Good Time Aussie Bogalars – Cunt Punk

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