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The Womb And Tomb Special!

29 September 2020

Oh what a night. Late September back in 2020... it arrived and now it's leaving us and whilst we await the wonders of October, how about we pass the time with nine tangy songs from Natalie Sweet, Dictator Ship, Crash Induction, Bobby Funk, King Automatic, Other Half, Tony Hearn, Apeman Spaceman and Pussycat And The Ditry Johnsons.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Womb and Tomb, Tony has your Facebook comments, Camels, Fat Boy loves his Goth, last week, Tony is busy working, visiting the parents before any further lockdown, Nutty Nottingham Tour, Hooters, From the Vaults, our remaining gigs of this year, Tony's new cover, next week, worky work work, donations, lies make us feel better, nada Twata, Punky Faceamsks and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Natalie Sweet – Lip Service
Song 2: Dictator Ship - From The Womb To The Tomb
Song 3: Crash Induction – Sweet Tooth
Song 4: Bobby Funk – Povvo Goblin
Song 5: King Automatic – Des Barbelés Sur La Prairie
Song 6: Other Half – Tiny Head
Song 7: Tony Hearn – Hey Tony!
Song 8: Apeman Spaceman – Truth Is A Thing Of The Past
Song 9: Pussycat And The Ditry Johnsons – Knee Jerk

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