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The Heavy Flow Special!

6 October 2020

This week is a solid mix between UK and US bands, so listen as we hold out our (sanitized) hands across the ocean and safely fist bump along to nine largely noninfected songs from Rats Arse Band, The Cheap Cassettes, French Girls, Rites Of Hadda, The Genocides, Beyond The Grey, The Hi-End, Mono In Stereo and The Drones.

Comedy Suburbs, Saving Jeff, Iron Mike, Rum Bar Records, Tony has your Facebook comments, Hey Tony, home recording, Rites Of Hadda, last week, working, busy week and quiet weekend, online snap, Donald Trump has the virus?, From the Vaults, gigs, diamonds, donations, face masks, hair, this week, a trip to the charity shop, Izzatwat, I'm With Stiv and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Rats Arse Band – Go Jack
Song 2: The Cheap Cassettes – My Little Twin
Song 3: French Girls – No Morals
Song 4: Rites Of Hadda – It’s Time to Riot
Song 5: The Genocides – Keep Your Hands Off Me (Rich Bitch)
Song 6: Beyond The Grey – Men Of War
Song 7: The Hi-End – To Be Alive
Song 8: Mono In Stereo – Late Night Confessor
Song 9: The Drones - Movement

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