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The Carrot Controversy Special!

13 October 2020

If there's one thing that remains true about 2020, it's that we are most definitely with Stiv. So whilst we count the many ways in which he is so wonderful, how about we listen to nine songs from The Derellas, Diamonds And Guns, Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons, Duncan Reid And The Big Heads, Laurel Aitken, Newmeds, REAL(s), Scarlet and The Hawkins.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jeff, Timo, carrots, last week, confusion reigns, funk, From the Vaults, gigs, Cafepress, T Shirts and masks, this week, working, jigsaw, Bongs returns, Izzatwat, kidnapping and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Derellas – Soho Hotel (2020)
Song 2: Diamonds And Guns – The Lonesome Man
Song 3: Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons – She’s An Orgasm
Song 4: Duncan Reid And The Big Heads – To Live Or Live Not
Song 5: Laurel Aitken – Deliverance Will Come
Song 6: Newmeds – Twenty Three
Song 7: REAL(s) - Stop Freaking Out
Song 8: Scarlet – Bring Me Down
Song 9: The Hawkins – Black Gold

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