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The Halloween Part 2 Special!

3 November 2020

This week we continue our assault on Halloween with some help from Bongo Boy! So prepare yourself for another batch of 9 great songs from Scanner, The Spies, Flush, Clark Ford, The Zanies, Ronnie Abeille ft Kory Clarke, Statues, Occult Character and Danny Ferreira.

Comedy Suburbs, Bongo Boy, Howl O Grimm Vol 2, Tony has your Facebook comments, stop.... sanitise!, Punky technology, CDs, last week, Tony did very little, covers, Stars on 45, great news about Mercury, Blue Moon, The Ladies, gig!, Lockdown II, donations, this week, PBETV, webcam talk, Izzatwat, I'm Wiv Stiv, and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Scanner – Boneyard Boogie
Song 2: The Spies – (Got My) Eyes On You
Song 3: Flush – New World Order
Song 4: Clark Ford – Spiderwebs In My Hair
Song 5: The Zanies – The Mad Scientist
Song 6: Ronnie Abeille ft Kory Clarke - Ragnarok
Song 7: Statues – Something In The Water
Song 8: Occult Character – 2 Weird 4 My Mum
Song 9: Danny Ferreira – Monster Mash

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