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The Christmas 2020 Special!

22 December 2020

Things are not going too well in the UK at the moment and Christmas has more or less been cancelled for most of us. Fret not, they can take our Christmas but they'll never take the Punky Christmas Special. So grab a mince pie, crack your nuts and get ready for some festive fuckery from Jackie Kringle And The Elves, Tony Hearn, Crash Induction, Berk/Lehane, Almost DEAD MEN, Fluffer, Festive Daddios and Stop Calling Me Frank.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Iron Mike, Tony has remixed his christmas tune for your delight, Tony has your Facebook comments, Grinch Time, last week, Tony has been on some music projects, Forest, Tier 4, PBETV, From the Vaults, no gigs - we're in lockdown init, donations!, topless webcam action, this week, Christmas plans, no people = no bother, lodgers, supermarkets, PBETV over Christmas, our Christmas song!, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Jackie Kringle And The Elves – Let’s Have A Rockin’ Christmas
Song 2: Tony Hearn - Suicidal Christmas
Song 3: Crash Induction – Christmas Down The Pub
Song 4: Berk/Lehane - An Irishman For Christmas
Song 5: Almost DEAD MEN – Santa Klauz
Song 6: Fluffer – Bed Of Hay
Song 7: Crash Induction – Last Christmas
Song 8: Festive Daddios – Let’s Shave Your Ass For Christmas
Song 9: Stop Calling Me Frank – Some Kind Of Christmas

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