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The Come On Baby Park My Car Special!

6 April 2021

Easter came and went, eggs were consumed and cars were parked. Want to go deeper? Then so be it, and get ready for nine songs from Das Kapitans, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, Atomic Suplex, Paul B. Edwards, Space, Punky Ruckus, Rocket 808, Sounds Like Winter and Stupid, Stupid, Stupid And Steve.

Comedy Suburbs, The Voice of Jeff, it's still light, Tony has your Facebook comment, Bo Diddly, last week, Easter, Netflix, parking wars, From the Vaults, Space, no gigs, donations, Punky Ruckus, this week, the pandemic hokey cokey, Robin Hood, pub's aren't fun... yet, video production is hard, The Chrump, no izzatwat this week and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Das Kapitans – Sniper Wife
Song 2: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Für Elvis, Woo59
Song 3: Atomic Suplex – Who Do You Love
Song 4: Paul B. Edwards – E Type Jag
Song 5: Space – Voodoo Roller
Song 6: Punky Ruckus - Bully
Song 7: Rocket 808 – Let Me Pass
Song 8: Sounds Like Winter – Day To Day
Song 9: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid And Steve – The Drinking Song

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