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The Good Solid Incrementation Special!

13 April 2021

In a somewhat heavy news week, we settle things down a bit by bringing you a good slice of the usual. Unfortunately that's not a euphemism, so you'll have to make do with some crap chat and nine wonderful songs from Chad Calamity & The Cars That Go Backwards, Paradise 9, The Scavengers, Freeloader, Conflict, Hot Breath, Knoxville Girls, Marc Almond and Ink Bomb.

Chad Calamity, the Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Michelangelo, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony's headstone, Reunion Island, last week, finishing off the chocolate, Tony's getting busier at work, Prince Phillip, weights, new songs, From the Vaults, gigs? no, pubs are open, donations, this week, work..., new lodgers, Cherry Red, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Chad Calamity & The Cars That Go Backwards – Don’t Be A Victim
Song 2: Paradise 9 – Deconstruct Divide And Rule
Song 3: The Scavengers – Two Monkeys
Song 4: Freeloader – Gimme What’s Left Of Your Love
Song 5: Conflict – Force Or Service?
Song 6: Hot Breath - Magnetic
Song 7: Knoxville Girls – My New Dinner
Song 8: Marc Almond – Death’s Diary
Song 9: Ink Bomb - Mutilation Boy

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