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The Fishshitz Special!

27 April 2021

This week we answer the question, "What if Paul drank a bottle of wine before recording Punky?". Join us on this scientific experiment along with nine doses from The Drippers, Mickey 9s, Fightmilk, Watts, Passage, Paul B. Edwards, Pale Lips, Punky Ruckus and Revoltone.

Gothenburg, Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, fight milk?, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, Tony talks about his injury, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, St George's Day, smoking, From the Vaults, donations, increment me baby, bandcamp, Paul's new video, this week, covid vaccine, weather, new lodger, pale lips, Punky Ruckus, Izzatwat, Stiv and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Drippers – Ain’t No Accident
Song 2: Mickey 9s - Raw
Song 3: Fightmilk – Hey Annabelle!
Song 4: Watts – Heavy Metal Kids
Song 5: Passage – Love Song
Song 6: Paul B. Edwards – I Don’t Like Sea Shanties
Song 7: Pale Lips – Some Sort Of Rock n’ Roll
Song 8: Punky Ruckus – Give A Toss
Song 9: Revoltone - Undo

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