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The Cork It Up Special!

18 May 2021

Paul's on the wine again and we decide to get our freak on! Editing be damned! Get yourself ready for nine unedited songs from Irmans, Geordie, Dentist, Electric Shit With Walter Daniels, The Dead 60s, Ugly Sounds, Grillijono K.O., U.F.O and Belvedere.

Politeness, Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, Norway, new Cherry Red comp, Geordie, Tony has your Facebook comments, Quorn mince vs rubbish mince, cork it up!, last week, no band yet, work, PBETV, FA Cup, new phone, From the Vaults, The Dead 60s, no gigs, donations, this week, work..., Paul is working on a new video, Paul has a gig!, no twat - what will we do???, El Draco and the Pieces of Hate and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Irmans - Hermano
Song 2: Geordie – Keep On Rockin’
Song 3: Dentist – Let Me Go
Song 4: Electric Shit With Walter Daniels – La Bondad Y La Maldad
Song 5: The Dead 60s – Ghostfaced Killer
Song 6: Ugly Sounds – I Can’t Get Out
Song 7: Grillijono K.O. - Denimsoturi
Song 8: U.F.O – Prince Kajuku
Song 9: Belvedere - Comrade

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