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The Space Penis Special!

28 July 2021

This week we cling onto the classics, which apparently now includes Band Camp. So whilst we carefully think about who should be in our Myspace top 8 let's listen to nine songs from The Dirtiest, Jade Green And The Lads, Quest For Tuna, Los Chicos, X Ray Spex, Das Kapitans, Call To The Faithful, No Valentine and Street Creature.

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Song 1: The Dirtiest – Down The Dirt
Song 2: Jade Green And The Lads – Hey Boy!
Song 3: Quest For Tuna – She Can’t Surf But She Sure Can Bowl
Song 4: Los Chicos – A Kingdom Of Coolness
Song 5: X Ray Spex – Germfree Adolescents
Song 6: Das Kapitans – Man On Fire
Song 7: Call To The Faithful - Animals
Song 8: No Valentine – Dodging Bullets
Song 9: Street Creature – Heart Shaped Stain

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