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The One Is Better Than None Special!

16 November 2021

Internet demons may well haunt our nightmares but the show must go on. So whilst Tony edits and splices, we make sure that you can enjoy nine unedited songs from Wine Lips, MC16, Punky Ruckus, Das Kapitans, Los Chicos, The Legless Crabs, Bitch Queens, The Ramonas and The Pulsebeats.

Last week's editing nightmare, Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, theme tunes, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paulmas, Frenzy of Tongs, last week, all work, Craig David, headlights, gig, competition winner, From the Vaults, no gigs, Emma Raducanu, this week, congratulation to Neil and Juliet for getting married, update from Joe, Izzatwat, Austria and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Wine Lips - In The Clear
Song 2: MC16 – United States Of Generica
Song 3: Punky Ruckus – Wanna Be Me
Song 4: Das Kapitans – Cocked & Loaded
Song 5: Los Chicos – A Kingdom Of Coolness
Song 6: The Legless Crabs - BooHooHoo
Song 7: Bitch Queens – FU Emily
Song 8: The Ramonas – Last Punk In The Village
Song 9: The Pulsebeats – She Sings Like Joey Ramone

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