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The Christmas 2021 Special!

21 December 2021

It's Christmas. Santa's in isolation, the turkey is stuck in customs and the sprouts are in the shop (and frankly they can stay there). Luckily we retain our tradition and bring you 9 fairly fucking festive songs from Glue Ear, Bitch Queens, The Pocket Gods, The Monks, The New Bardots, Spizzenergi, The Peppermint Kicks, El Sancho and Punky Ruckus.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Skype issues, The Young Ones, last week, another frozen shoulder, comedy gigs, Forest v Hull, not From the Vaults, no gigs this week, Emma Raducanu, Revolt Into Style, this week, Christmas, Omnicron, Izzatwat, Izzagenius and a couple of surprise famous guests appear at the end of the show!

Song 1: Glue Ear – Santa The Cat Burglar
Song 2: Bitch Queens – Sugar Balls
Song 3: The Pocket Gods – Apocalyptic Christmas
Song 4: The Monks – Johnny B. Rotten
Song 5: The New Bardots – Santa Don’t Like Politics
Song 6: Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk
Song 7: The Peppermint Kicks – It’s A Peppermint Christmas
Song 8: El Sancho – Merry Christmas Joey Ramone
Song 9: Punky Ruckus – Punky Christmas

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