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The Between The Wars 2021 Special!

28 December 2021

It's the annual "Between the wars" special where we pick our favourite tracks over the past six months. So grab another turkey sandwich and enjoy nine songs from Dirt Byrds, The Drippers, Wine Lips, Lady Bird, The Stairs, Wonk Unit, Scarecrow, The Strays and Iron Lizards.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, we have apologies!, last weeks show, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, Christmas, jigsaws, the quest for root veg, Don't Look Up, From the Vaults, no gigs, Emma Raducanu, this week, Tony will be recording some music, Omnicron, Izzatwat, 2021 v 2020, a reminder of the ways you can listen and a special goodbye to 2021.

Song 1: Dirt Byrds – Start A War
Song 2: The Drippers – Time For Some Action
Song 3: Wine Lips - Eyes
Song 4: Lady Bird - Infants
Song 5: The Stairs - Weed Bus (Flower Shop Demo)
Song 6: Wonk Unit – Skin To Skin
Song 7: Scarecrow – ZMB2
Song 8: The Strays – I’m On A Roll
Song 9: Iron Lizards – Rip It Up

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