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The Short Snort Special!

25 January 2022

Another Punky first this week as we get compared to some delightfully dated knitwear... The music, however, remains the high point so wrap up warm with nine energy efficient songs from The Suicide Notes, Rotten Mind, French Girls, Vietnam, Flesh For Lulu, Stage Frite, Fast Eddy, Kill The Giants and Botched Toe.

No Comedy Suburbs this week, Emma Raducanu, Tony has your Facebook comments, naughty listeners, cheap cider, old favourite cardigan, last week, Tony and Steph's Anniversary, work, Forest v Derby, bets, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paulyb picks a gig in the world yeah, this week, more work, Burns night, no Izzatwat this week, buy us a pint, show 1000 and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Suicide Notes – Snakes Grin Within
Song 2: Rotten Mind - Drifter
Song 3: French Girls – Soda Pop
Song 4: Vietnam – What Have I Done?
Song 5: Flesh For Lulu – Black Tattoo
Song 6: Stage Frite – Psychos On The Run
Song 7: Fast Eddy - Lost
Song 8: Kill The Giants – Rule For Us
Song 9: Botched Toe – Soul Mash

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