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The Black Vampires Special!

30 August 2022

Paul's vampiric delights may be a little niche, but no matter as this weeks songs include a fine selection of tracks from Dammit Records, so get ready for nine fine songs from Responsa, Rokets, Bogos, The Sewer Cats, Operation Ivy, The Shako, Buzzcocks, Hambone Skinny and Negative Zeros.

Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Facebook is a bit crap, Scanner, Timo, last week, Tony's Theatre Review, Book of Mormon, South Park 25th Anniversary concert, Forest v Spurs, Witcher, Kilpin’s, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Autumn, this week, not a lot going on, Ugly Kid Joe, ragtime, Izzatwat and a lovely song to end on.

Song 1: Responsa – No Emotion
Song 2: Rokets - Destroyer
Song 3: Bogos – Head Through The Wall
Song 4: The Sewer Cats – Can’t Quit You Now
Song 5: Operation Ivy – Sound System
Song 6: The Shako – Born Again
Song 7: Buzzcocks – Just Gotta Let It Go
Song 8: Hambone Skinny – Gin Joint Jukin’
Song 9: Negative Zeros - Switchblade

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