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The Seasonal Sausage Special!

28 December 2022

Christmas has happened but New Year awaits us all. So let's crack on with some between the wars action and enjoy nine songs from Dirt Byrds, Dogmatics, Melzebra And The Buffalos, Two Nails In A Coffin, The Barracudas, Seas Of Mirth, Upploppet, Art Brut and Bang Bang Band Girl.

The Clash, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, toad in the hole, last week, Christmas, sweet nothing, jigsaw, Football kits, socks, Black Adam, RIPD2, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, New Years Eve, Forest, your pies are mine, Izzatwat, Tories and a reminder about something or other.

Song 1: Dirt Byrds – Janie Jones
Song 2: Dogmatics – Don’t Break My Heart
Song 3: Melzebra And The Buffalos – Top Of The World
Song 4: Two Nails In A Coffin – In The Night
Song 5: The Barracudas – The KGB (Made A Man of Me)
Song 6: Seas Of Mirth - Ink (Do The Blollop)
Song 7: Upploppet – Golden Eye
Song 8: Art Brut – These Animal Menswear
Song 9: Bang Bang Band Girl – Call of The Wighat

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