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The RIP John Special!

2 January 2023

2022 couldn't end without one last kick in the balls, and so this week we pay tribute to John from The Bleach Boys who sadly died a few days ago. So get ready for tracks from The Bleach Boys, Soulride, Piss Kitti, The Restarts, Limozine, Goodbye Blue Monday, DeeCracks and Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents.

John, The Bleach Boys, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, MPF 31, last week, New Year, Spotify, Seas Of Mirth gig, LimoDean's sister gets in touch, From the Vaults, no gigs, this week, back to work, Apocalypse Babys, Izzatwat, Paul's Auntie, Chicago Party Aunt and New Year Resolutions.

Song 1: The Bleach Boys – She’s Not My Wife
Song 2: Soulride - Solitude
Song 3: Piss Kitti – Baby, Stain Me
Song 4: The Restarts – 20 Years
Song 5: Limozine – Good Cop Bad Cop
Song 6: Goodbye Blue Monday – Misery Punk Ruined My Life
Song 7: DeeCracks – Get Out Of My Head
Song 8: Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents – Lookin’ For Clues
Song 9: The Bleach Boys – Death Squad Bitches

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