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The What Happened To The M10 Special!

14 February 2023

Paul has lovely skin and Tony has burger regret, and as if that wasn't enough, we also have nine songs from Civil Rats, Horsemeat, Continental, The Frenzy Of Tongs, Ugly Fly Guys, Johnny Throttle, Tina And The Total Babes, Salem Trials and Confusionaires.

Fans of the, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, skin, last week, work tv tv work, Troll, Viking Werewolf, Verbal Warning, Ugly Fly Guys interview, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Hemel Hempstead facts, drummers get in touch, this week, Tony's Birthday, founders day, Sam Smith, bad Bond themes, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Civil Rats - Snacks
Song 2: Horsemeat - Recall
Song 3: Continental – State O’ Maine
Song 4: The Frenzy Of Tongs – Fun Fun Fun
Song 5: Ugly Fly Guys – Dead Fresh
Song 6: Johnny Throttle – I Wanna Be Your Ex
Song 7: Tina And The Total Babes – Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Song 8: Salem Trials – All Ears No Speak
Song 9: Confusionaires – Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have

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