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The Old Person Special!

21 February 2023

Another birthday passes us by and we celebrate in our own way with nine suitably sweet songs from Lone Creep, Cold Water Swimmers, The Postmen, Iron Lizards, Verbal Warning, Aldo Rox, The Exceptions, Forgotten Names and Snide.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, it's a gym gag, Tony has your Facebook comments, it's not all lathes, last week, Tony's sick, fruity gins, Baldock, Forest v Man City, From the Vaults, Paulyb picks a gig, in the world, yeah, Punk Rock Factory, this week, work, Christmas Meal, Our Flag, not relevant, no Izzatwat, Poetry Corner and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Lone Creep – Stop Being A Dick
Song 2: Cold Water Swimmers – In The Time It Takes For You To Say Goodbye
Song 3: The Postmen - Justified
Song 4: Iron Lizards – Cold Gin
Song 5: Verbal Warning – Bunny Boiler
Song 6: Aldo Rox – Like An Angel
Song 7: The Exceptions – Trying To Be Cool
Song 8: Forgotten Names – Drinkin’ By Myself
Song 9: Snide – I Don’t Care

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