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The Bedlam Breakout Special!

7 March 2023

This week is a Bedlam Breakout special so get ready for nine rather lovely songs from Oh! Gunquit, Grade 2, Faintest Idea, Candid Faces, Batmobile, Muck And The Mires, The Exceptions and Demented Are Go.

Oh! Gunquit, Voice of Jeff, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, join in the conversation, Lone Creep, Manchester Punk Festival, last week, endings, Bosch, work, Taken 3, standup anniversary, Forest, sauerkraut, Reuben, From the Vaults, Paulyb picks a gig in the world... yeah, Bedlam Breakout, Windows 11, this week, driving in the USA, Chase v Wise, no twats, buy us beer, teeth and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Oh! Gunquit – So Long Sucker
Song 2: Grade 2 – Fast Pace
Song 3: Faintest Idea – False Prophets
Song 4: Candid Faces – Needle Talk
Song 5: Batmobile – Slappin’ Suspenders
Song 6: Muck And The Mires – Break It All
Song 7: Faintest Idea – Kill Em Dead
Song 8: The Exceptions – Mean Ole Malley
Song 9: Demented Are Go – Skitzoid Brain

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