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The So Sexy Jean Special!

13 June 2023

Oh Jean Mignon... This week we have another great interview, with possibly a Punky first... Everything else is back to normal though, so you can also enjoy nine songs from El Sancho, Problem Patterns, Mutha Flac, Bad Manners, Jean Mignon, Justine And The Unclean, Random Hand, Max Bygraves and Rattanson.

El Sancho, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Suriname, Tony has your Facebook comments, Bad Manners, Paul and Zoe interview Jean Mignon, no gigs, sad news about Justine Covault, last week, Avatar 2, Ale'Up Nottingham, lager, no Izzatwat, this week and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: El Sancho – Bad Dad
Song 2: Problem Patterns – Letter Of Resignation
Song 3: Mutha Flac - Balen
Song 4: Bad Manners – Sally Brown
Song 5: Jean Mignon – Asshole On A Moped
Song 6: Justine And The Unclean – The Signal Light
Song 7: Random Hand - Lifejackets
Song 8: Max Bygraves – Diabolical Twist
Song 9: Rattanson – How Many Days Till Summer

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