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The Popping Along Special!

20 June 2023

England! Whilst we get ready to watch more footie, let's enjoy nine songs from Das Kapitans, Diablogato, The Chives, WeatheredMan, The Distillers, Reason To Leave, Low Ranger, Cardboard and Kill Me.

Comedy Suburbs, Tina has a joke for us, Jean Mignon, Tony has your Facebook comments, mentions, popping along, Leeds, last week, keeping cool, Fathers Day, car trouble, England, The Ark, From the Vaults, Tony does not have a gig, Paulyb picks a gig in the world yeah, this week, Nottingham tours, bad maths, no Izzatwat this week, Poetry Corner and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Das Kapitans - Idol
Song 2: Diablogato - Gasoline
Song 3: The Chives – Runnin’ From The Law
Song 4: WeatheredMan – Get Out Of My Way
Song 5: The Distillers – L. A. Girl
Song 6: Reason To Leave – Last Words
Song 7: Low Ranger – I Am All Alone
Song 8: Cardboard – Paper Aeroplanes
Song 9: Kill Me - Bloodsluts

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