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The Proper IPA Special!

11 July 2023

There may be some confusion about what proper IPA is this week, but there is no doubt on the authentic Punky and so let's enjoy nine songs from Hewhocannotbenamed, Parker, Heartbeeps, Electric Six, King Kurt, ON, Crash And The Crapenters, Reytons and No Murder No Moustache.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, IPA, US beer, Tony has your Facebook comments, Threads, Tina, last week, crap networking, Ted Lasso, England, Nutty Nottingham, Electric Six gig, trains, From the Vaults, Chessfest!, MQ, this week, join my band, bass guitar, Izzatwat, cluster bombs and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Hewhocannotbenamed – The Thing
Song 2: Parker – Ruin My Life
Song 3: Heartbeeps - Nightmare
Song 4: Electric Six – Panic Panic
Song 5: King Kurt – Big Daddy
Song 6: ON - Underdog
Song 7: Crash And The Crapenters – Fuck You And Your Phone
Song 8: Reytons – it’s A Fuck About
Song 9: No Murder No Moustache - Rebellion

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