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The Blank Generation Special!

3 October 2023

Paul's in Spain at the moment, and that means a great chance to feature a great new Cherry Red compilation! So get ready for some great songs from The Randoms, The Avengers, The Jetsons, The Bags, The Hard Toms, The Cosmopolitans, Rhino 39, Curtiss A and Shock.

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Song 1: The Randoms – Let’s Get Rid Of New York
Song 2: The Avengers – We Are The One
Song 3: The Jetsons – Genetically Stupid
Song 4: The Bags - Survive
Song 5: The Hard Toms – She’s A Lady
Song 6: The Cosmopolitans – How To Keep Your Husband Happy
Song 7: Rhino 39 – Prolixin Stomp
Song 8: Curtiss A – I Don’t Wanna be President
Song 9: Shock - This Generations On Vacation

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