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The International Mens Day Special!

21 November 2023

Congratulations to all men. We celebrate International Mens Day by playing nine songs from Subsonics, Candid Faces, Stuntface, The Mistons, Resistance 77, Problem Patterns, Dirty Ass, Ugly Fly Guys and The Puncturists,

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Song 1: Subsonics – Dirty Picture
Song 2: Candid Faces - Telephonophobia
Song 3: Stuntface – Time To Fly
Song 4: The Mistons – Contagious
Song 5: Resistance 77 – Punk’s Not Dead But I’m Not Far Off
Song 6: Problem Patterns – TERFS Out
Song 7: Dirty Ass – Masturbasi Pembankang Delusional
Song 8: Ugly Fly Guys – For The Love Of A Cam Girl
Song 9: The Puncturists – Everybody’s On Drugs

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