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The Between The Wars Special!

26 December 2023

Christmas is done and dusted, so as tradition dictates, we bring you our between the wars special with our favourite songs from the past 6 months, So enjoy nine carefully selected songs from Undertakers, Lone Creep, Random Hand, Angela Tini, The Boatsmen, Dmitri Wild, Dictator Ship, Madame Claude and The Owen Guns.

2023... great?, best jokes, Country Living, Tony fumbles along, no Facebook comments, monkeys, last week, Center Parcs, Dukes Arms, furry trousers, no gigs, Good Housekeeping, this week, New Year, not a lot, Dictator Ship, no Izzatwat, Readers Digest and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Undertakers – Jesus Takes The Wheel
Song 2: Lone Creep – I Don’t Have Answers, Man
Song 3: Random Hand – The Cycle
Song 4: Angela Tini – 200 Pounds Of Fun
Song 5: The Boatsmen – Why Wait
Song 6: Dmitri Wild – Rock-n-Roll Is My Business
Song 7: Dictator Ship – And Then I Heard About The Groove
Song 8: Madame Claude – Jelly Legs
Song 9: The Owen Guns – Stop making Deadshits Famous

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