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The Quality Escape Special!

16 January 2024

We have received some sad news about Lisa from Bitch Slap Barbie and so this week we feature a couple of Bitch Slap Barbie tracks as well as other great songs from Diablogato, The Sleeveens, E.T. Explore Me, Gloryhammer, Chroma, Sugar Puff Demons and Demented Are Go.

RIP Lisa, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jeff, ET's finger, last week, Harpenden, bass trouble, Echo, Reacher, Bitch Slap Barbie, Bong of the Dead, Traitors, From the Vaults, Paulyb picks a gig in the world... yeah, this week, Anniversary, Forest, Paul's pulling himself together, damp, Izzatwat, Scrubs and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Bitch Slap Barbie – Take It Back
Song 2: Diablogato – Too Far Gone
Song 3: The Sleeveens – Aretha Franklin
Song 4: E.T. Explore Me – Drug Me
Song 5: Gloryhammer – Sword Lord Of The Goblin Horde
Song 6: Chroma – Girls Talk
Song 7: Sugar Puff Demons – Phantom Of The Fog
Song 8: Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall
Song 9: Bitch Slap Barbie – You Never Shut Up

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