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The Love Fighter Special!

27 February 2024

What kind of Zuckerbergery is this? We have no idea, but we can at least take a break from fighting love and bring you nine socially lazy songs from Gob Psychic, The Sex Organs, WIMP!, Dmitri Wild, Tenpole Tudor, Lesbian Bed Death, Cocksparrer, Death Sells and Still Animals.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, love fighter, Tony has your Facebook comments, the reason for Punky, last week, Mario's birthday curry, new venue in Mansfield, Paul went to Dublin, bus problems, wax museum, Tenpole Tudor, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, band practice, 29th Feb, no Izzatwat this week, Get Duked and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Gob Psychic – (All Week) Rent Payer
Song 2: The Sex Organs – Where Is My Dildo
Song 3: WIMP! - Suitcase
Song 4: Dmitri Wild – Son Of A Gun
Song 5: Tenpole Tudor – Shut Up Tracey
Song 6: Lesbian Bed Death – Feral Eyes
Song 7: Cocksparrer – Mind Your Own Business
Song 8: Death Sells – Confusion
Song 9: Still Animals – High Dive

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