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The Boobs Everywhere Special!

9 April 2024

Paulyb is off on holiday soon, so whilst we rush around preparing, we find time to bring you nine songs from Hood Rats, Vasoline Tuner, Ugly Fly Guys, Petrolbreath, Limozine, The Drin, China Shop Bull, Disciple BC and The Anti-Queens.

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Song 1: Hood Rats – Fuck The Police
Song 2: Vasoline Tuner - Bake Baby Bake
Song 3: Ugly Fly Guys – I Wanna Be An Amputee
Song 4: Petrolbreath – You’re With The Band
Song 5: Limozine – Lisa Louise
Song 6: The Drin – Tigers Cage
Song 7: China Shop Bull – Av It!
Song 8: Disciple BC - Pray
Song 9: The Anti-Queens - Disenchanted

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