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The No One Cares Special!

16 April 2024

Paul is just about to go on holiday, and because we know how much you all care, we make sure to bring you nine lovely songs from J Prozac, Martin Savage & The Jiggerz, The Resignators, Sam Snitchy, Probot, Neon Kittens, Witchdoktors, CSE Art Project and Mad Ones.

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Song 1: J Prozac - Problems
Song 2: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz – Down The Line
Song 3: The Resignators – Bluebird Tattoo
Song 4: Sam Snitchy – Ass On My Face
Song 5: Probot – Shake Your Blood
Song 6: Neon Kittens – Bouncing In The Red
Song 7: Witchdoktors – Before The War
Song 8: CSE Art Project – Kick In Your Telly
Song 9: Mad Ones – Hydra Head

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